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Re: Another KH question

> From: neil.anderson at asbury_edu
> Subject: Another KH question
> I have been using RO water to change about 30% every fortnight in my 90
> gallon tank.  I use Seachem Equilibrium 

	Whatever that is.

> to reconstitute it (which I limit
> somewhat because I don't want to raise GH too much), then Seachem Alkaline
> Buffer and Acid Buffer to bring the KH and PH to where I want it.

	We don't _know_ what these buffers are, but there is a suspicion
that they are amino acid-based.  That means that you are _not_ adding
KH when you add them.

>  I know I
> need to get the KH to at least 4 or higher, so I tinker with the buffers
> until I reach the right KH and the desired PH of about 6.4 - 6.8.  But
> invariably when I check the KH several days later it has fallen
> considerably, usually to around 2.  So I tinker with the buffers once more,
> and again the KH will fall.  By that time, the two weeks have passed and it
> is time to change water again.  BTW, I do inject CO2 if that makes any
> difference.

	It doesn't.
> I know Tom Barr is going to tell me to lose the RO water.   :-)

	He isn't the only one :)

> Nonetheless, I have two questions:
> 1)  Why is the KH falling like this?

	It isn't KH.  

> 2)  Is there anything I can do about it (without eliminating RO entirely,
> Tom :-) and not tinker so much with the buffers?  

	Use sodium bicarbonate.  That way you will get KH (bicarbonate).
Read the previous stuff on KH, pH and CO2.  It has all been explained
lots of times.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada