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Re: night lighting

If anyone responds to this, please do so on list, as I am also doing
something similar and was wondering about it.  I was thinking of some small
halogens mounted about a foot or two above the tank.  I wouldn't leave them
on all night, just for a few hours.


<<<<<< 1) Has anyone used night-viewing lights on their planted tanks, and
if so, were there any adverse effects on the plants?
2) I have seen both red night viewing lights and blue (actinic) "moon"
lights advertised.  For my purposes, blue light would be more aesthetically
appealing, but I also know that many fish are not sensitive to red
wavelengths, thus the popularity of red night bulbs.  Am I going to keep my
fish "up" all night with a blue bulb, or will this do a reasonable job of
simulating moonlight? >>>>>>