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Re: Love the Algae confusion

>I just got done reading the "Love the Algae" article in PAM2 and need
>someone to clear up something for me or maybe explain it differently.  
>     Brad Metz writes, "Like plants, algae can only grow as fast as the
>limiting resource allows."
>     How does one know what the limiting resource would be and what does
>this really mean for the "control" of excess algae?  Especially in a
>young (1-3 month) setup??  

The answer as I see it, is don't freak out over the little details like
tracking down the exact nutrient that is in excess.  Start off with all
your nutrient basics coverd.  Is an algae becomes a problem ex: BGA adjust
your your nutrients concentration.  Anyone w/  a tendency toward control,
will find this is the best AND the worst hobbie!  It is EASY to get the
impression that all the minutia are super-critical (happens to us all at
first) but both "control freaks" and "freewheelers" have great success w/
planted tanks.   

My personal phylosophy is to make sure you have the basics in moderate
excess; Light, Co2, nutrients [including complete micronutrients] and

Sticking all the nutrients deep in the substrate of a new tank allow you a
multitde of "sins":-)  If you are freaked out about dealing w/ algae, use a
moderate amout of basic nutrients at the start.  Whatever you do, keep it
in the substrate.

As this or that challenge pops up, deal with 'em one at a time using the
tried and tested strategies you'll see discussed here.  In the end, as long
as you started with an excess of the basics, you're plants will take over
and straighten everything out by themselves.  


Florida Flagfish for Hair Algae Elimination: