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Re: night lighting

> I am currently building a new hood for my 90 gal, and I have left some room underneath for night-viewing lights.  I have a few questions...
> 1) Has anyone used night-viewing lights on their planted tanks, and if so, were there any adverse effects on the plants?

I went with a different approach for night-lights.   I've got a bunch of LED
providing the night-light for my tank.   It's a perfect low glow.   The fish
don't even notice it (if I turn it on and off).  It's just enough light to 
give a glow to the tank.   There is an article about it on my website.
http://www.csd.net/~cgadd/aqua - Then go to the articles section.

The parts to build it cost about $10.00.   And since it runs on low
voltage DC, it's safe and easy to wire.   

> 2) I have seen both red night viewing lights and blue (actinic) "moon"
> lights advertised.  For my purposes, blue light would be more aesthetically
> appealing, but I also know that many fish are not sensitive to red wavelengths,

I've got a red filtered flashlight I use, and fish seem to jump at it as
much as they jump without the red filter.   I think the red thing doesn't
make a difference to the fish.

> FYI, I'm not planning on putting too much red/blue light over the tank.
> Just one 48" T-8 (anyone know of good sources for these in red or blue?)
> or a pair of 13W CFs from AH Supply.

I'd think that a 32w (or 40w) tube is way too much light for a nightlight.

Chuck Gadd