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Re: More Reflector Measurements

Sylvia wrote:
> According to someone at A&H Supply, this reflector cannot be used with NO
bulbs because they're designed for with with the PCF bulb, so they are not as
wide at the top as would be needed.
> ??
> Sylvia

I just purchaced a single tube 24 inch ficture at Home Depot and added a pwr
cord, some sunspension chain and a spare reflector from an A&H supply double
bright kit.  The reflector was mounted with two sheet-metal screws and the
ficture suspended 6 inches over 3- 2.5 gal cubes set side by side.  It
definitely reflects the light downward into the area as needed.  With the
chain, I can adjust the light up or down as necessary.  Works great and will
last a long time.  It might not be at optimum, but who cares as long as the
light is reflected into the proper area.