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Re: Common vs Scientific names (was Florida Flag Fish Freedom)


>I did a simple internet search on the Flagfish (Jordanella floridae) and
>found at least one educational site that lists the common name as Florida
>There were many that listed the common name as Flagfish and some that listed
>it as American Flagfish.
>It seems to me that any of these common names would be okay as long as the
>scientific name were also mentioned.
>I just wish you guys would give the common names along with the scientific
>names of aquatic plants when writing about them, so those of us who don't
>yet know the scientific names can learn them as well as understand what
>you're talking about. That is, unless you want to limit your conversation to
>those who already know the scientific names.

Excellent work Brenda!  For your diligent detective work in the defence of
the legitimacy of the name "Florida Flag Fish" for the Jordanella floridae,
you are now promoted to GENERAL in the Florida Flag Fish Freedom Faction! :-D 

This should begin to set the record straight!  And it should give those who
would impose "American" Flag Fish name exclusivity opon us all something to
think about!

On another note, it seems like these little guys DO stand up to
cross-country priority mail shipping.  I sent a few of these to San Fran as
a test...SUCCESS!

Interested?  Check Me at:
~Florida Flagfish Forever!!!