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Re: More Reflector Measurements

>Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 22:11:25 EDT
>From: Biplane10 at aol_com
>Subject: Re: More Reflector Measurements
>Ivo wrote:
>>Be aware that the Triton reflector is 6.5" wide, so it >won't fit in the
>>opening of your canopy. The AHS reflector is better in >this regard, it
>>is 4" wide.
>According to someone at A&H Supply, this reflector cannot be used with NO
bulbs because they're designed for with with the PCF bulb, so they are not
as wide at the top as would be needed.

Sylvia inquired about retrofitting a twin-tube light strip with a reflector
designed for a 36-55w compact.  I couldn't recommend trying to squeeze two
linear tubes under this reflector which is only 1" wide at the top surface
and only 3" wide 1" below the top surface.  This is not to say that this
reflector has no potential use with a single linear fluorescent.

Kim Bryant
A H Supply