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Re: "H"

>Well, its no big secret I guess. Robert is my first name, Paul is my middle
>name. Some years ago, (more than I care to admit), I fancied myself a writer
>and wrote a few non fiction articles for a couple of mags using Robert Paul
>as a pen name. When I started to develop my WEB site, I wanted to adopt my
>old pen name..problem was that I had made a reputation for myself in several
>forums as Robert H, the initial for my last name...and if I soley went by

No big secret?  OK, I'll bite....What the heck does it mean?!? :-)  That
"H" has been driving me NUTS for all the years I've been on the list!!  Is
it a last name?  Is it a middle name?   What does it MEAN???  Why does'nt
he EVER say what it MEANS!!!  

Its not a big deal, but I'm a "last name" kinda guy.   It would'nt matter
if you just had "Robert" or "Paul"  but for years I've wanted to know what
IS that "H"!!!  Now I know I'm not the only one!