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re: coconuts

Aloha Christopher.

I have been fortunate enough not to have to open my own coconut.  My 
dad always did the dirty work.  We have never bought a coconut either 
since we would get ours fresh off the tree.  My dad used a big screw 
driver or crow-bar to husk the fiberous outer layer to get to the 
inner nut.  I'm assuming that since you bought the nut, it was 
already husked.  He would then punch out the "eyes" (those three 
small black spots at the end of the nut) with either a nail and 
hammer or an ice pick.  Drain the nut of it's sweet watery juice. 
Then smash the nut open with a hammer, or you could cut it open with 
a saw.  Simply scrape out the meat with a metal spoon.  If the nut is 
young, the meat will come out very soft almost like jello.  If the 
nut is old, then the meat will be very dry and hard, and it'll cling 
to the shell.  After scraping the meat out, leave the shells outside 
where the ants can clean it off.

By the way, the nut can also be polished to a beautiful brown.

Good luck,