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Re: veggies and fruit for loaches

on 8/15/00 7:48 AM, Aquatic Plants Digest at Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com

> In regard to Susan (SnoTabby)'s remarks about her clowns eating peas and
> cantaloupe.  Sounds like an interesting sight.

It is. It's particularly funny with peas because they will pick them up and
cart them away, placing their body between the pea and the others.
Cantaloupe produces lots of jostling for position.

> I don't keep clowns anymore, but do you think other loaches would enjoy such
fare as well??

You can try it. Start with just a small bit. Worst thing is you'd have to
remove it.

> On another note, how does such a meal effect your filtration?

No more or less than any other commercial food I'd put in. Naturally if
there are leftovers after 24 hours you don't leave it to rot.

>  Does it cloud the water much?

Not at all.

>  Will other fish eat the leftovers?  I once tried wild
> cherries with no luck.

Whatever you are offering needs to be de-skinned and fairly soft. The
Diamond Tetras I once had adored cantaloupe, as did a few of the cories.
I've found that fish have personal taste preferences, both for vegetable
offerings from the Vertical Food Dispenser and/or aquatic plants

It seems to me that by offering alternatives for them to snack on, they are
less apt to, though it won't eliminate, make snacks of our planted aquaria.

Susan (whew! got those aquatic plant references in <G>)