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Walmart's tanks

We were discussing Walmart's tanks some time ago. I recall someone mentioned 
their local store even had tips posted for fish buyers, on proper care of the 

Although my local Walmart has those tips posted too, the fish department has 
gone steadily downhill. I've been so appalled the last couple of times I went 
there, I've thought about calling the store manager. A fellow local aquarist 
even wrote the store, to no avail. Yesterday I went with my kids to this 
store, and after they picked up a bunch of stuff to buy, we went to take a 
peak at the tanks. As was the case several days earlier, some filters weren't 
working and the tanks were only half full with water. Dead bodies remained 
and it didn't look like anyone had done a thing. I had a manager called over 
to take a look. He suggested I call back and speak to another manager who 
would do something, but said he didn't expect much, as we're in a *metro* 
area where there is exceptionally high customer traffic, such that it tends 
to make a mess of the store. I explained these customers weren't messing with 
the fish tanks, and told him it looked like a slum, regardless of how clean 
they kept the rest of the store. I took the kid's stuff and handed it back, 
telling them I couldn't patronize the store. 

When I called today and talked to the assistant manager, it appeared my 
complaints had already been reported, and they were having someone use a 
device called a *Python* to change and fill the tanks, replace media and get 
all the filters working. I think they had a reaction to the fact that it did 
look like a *slum* not so much that they cared about the fish.

It felt good to know I made a difference, even if just to a couple fish. Just 
wanted to relay this . . . if you see this kind of thing at a store or lfs, 
it wouldn't hurt to talk to somebody about it.

Okay, this isn't about plants, but there are plants in the tanks at Walmart.