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RE: Clay Balls

> It (PO4) is not a bad thing in and of its self as
> plants do need it and can use quite a bit. You may
> have a fair amount from food & your tap water
> already though. I would check that source first.

No such luck.  My tapwater has virtually no phosphate,
no Potassium, 0.30 ppm Iron and 30 ppm alkalinity. 
Nitrates are less than 0.50 ppm.  

> Jobes sticks are quite effective, easy(they are 
> already made), widely used and very cheap. They
> have the palm sticks which are low(er) in PO4 than 
> many fertilizers. 

I can't seem to find the palm sticks.  I've looked
everywhere--Lowe's, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, two Ace
Hardware stores, even a few local mom and pop
nurseries.  The lowest PO4 sticks I can find are the
Miracle Gro spikes, with a 6-12-6 analysis.  These
make the lilies in my pond bloom like gangbusters, but
when I added about 1/3rd of one to my aquarium (4th of
July weekend), I got a mess.

> If you have deep gravel little will leak out/up. 
> This is one of the good reasons to a have a
> big deep gravel bed.

I have about 2-1/2" of substrate (Turface topped with
gravel) in the back of the tank, with about 1" in the
front.  Should I build it up, you think?  I have
plenty of gravel. ;)

>> In my area of the U.S., a lawn grass known as
>> Centipede is popular.  This grass has no need
>> whatsoever for additional phosphate, and thus has a
>> specially formulated fertilizer.  15-0-15, with 3%
>> Iron.  Is there any reason why I shouldn't make
>> fertilizer nuggets with this stuff?

> Sounds fine to use. Try a small amount first then 
> work your way up. Basic stuff:)

At this stage of my foray into keeping a planted tank,
basic is about all I'm brave enough to try.  I'm still
excited, satisfied, puzzled and horrified by what I'm
watching. ;)  Almost nothing I've done yet has gone as
expected, but I haven't killed anything yet, so...

I'll let y'all know how the Centipede fertilizer

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