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More Questions RE: Clay Balls

What kind of clay should be used?  I have access to
many different clays and claylike substances.  Grey
potter's clay?  Red potter's clay?  Both flavors of
clay are sold at a local arts & crafts joint for $15
in a 25 lb bag.  I don't need that much!

There is a clay layer beneath my backyard topsoil. 
This is actually a mixture of sand and clay.  Will
that work, or should the clay be 'pure clay?'

Clays consist of different materials.  The term 'clay'
is used in horticultural and soil science literature
to refer to a material with a particle size of (I
think) 1 to 2 microns.  But the substances that make
up those particles can be almost anything.  The term
'clay' is used in geologic and (I think) hydrogeologic
literature to describe materials consisting of
weathered feldspar.

So, when I'm mooshing some clay and fertilizer
together, what 'clay' should I use--the geologic
flavor or the horticultural flavor?

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