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Re: Zoo Med Bulbs

On Thu, 3 Aug 2000, Cavan wrote:

> I found an old message about the Zoo Med bulbs.  He (are you out there
> Andy) said they're very bright, and last a year according to a
> FAMA(Aquarium Fish?) article.  They are also pretty cheap.  The 5500k
> would cost me 12 bucks, and the 8500k Max Plant growth 18 (kind of
> cheap anyway).  That's barely more than the funny colored Chroma 50s
> that I can't get in three foot lengths anyway.  Does anyone have
> experience with them?  Do they really last that long?  Too good to be
> true?  Thank you again.

They're the "efficient T-8" type bulbs, so you need to replace the ballast
with an appropriate T-8 electronic ballast when you switch to the Zoo-Med
bulbs. Around here you can get T-8 ballasts at Home Depot if you don't
want to find a commercial lighting supplier.

You can get T-8's for a lot less than the zoo med bulbs if you hunt around
for a commercial lighting supplier (as low as $2-3 if you don't mind 4100K
and four-foot tubes), and it's been my experience that Chroma-50's cost
about $5 each, but with that said, I think it's great that Zoo Med has
finally made a wide selection of T-8's available, even in the weird sizes.
Now EVERYONE can get on the T-8 bandwagon! :)

  - Erik

(Yeah, yeah, I know... "power compacts are way brighter...."  but I can
outfit a whole ten-foot tri-level rack of low-tech planted aquaria with
two T-8 ballasts (8 industrial 5000K bulbs) at a cost of under $100.)

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com