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Lighting emersed plants and cloudiness

I set up a 20-high plant filter tank.  The tank currently holds 5 medium 
water hycatith (spelling?) and 2 anubias.  I have a single 20-wat full 
spectrum florescent bulb.  How much lighting should I be using?

Also, has anyone had problems with flourite clouding in there tanks?  Before 
adding the plant filter tank, I have vortexed and added flocculent at least 
3 times and in a couple days, the cloudiness returns.  The water smells 
clean. I don't think it's bacteria, but I'm not scientist by a long shot. 
I've even tried 50 water changes as well to no avail. I have a cooli loach, 
but he/she'not big enough to really stirr up gravel in the tank so I don't 
think that's the problem. Can excessive light be the cause. It has 3 watts 
per 1 gal

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