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Re: kinky SAE's

Kinked spines and other deformities can also be symptoms of vitamin/mineral
deficiencies in fish. The particular one is Vitamin C if memory serves

If it is myco, keeping them in the display tank threatens the other's
health. I know of no cure for myco. Should a widespread outbreak happen,
ultimately you would wind up tearing down the tank, euthanizing all the fish
and tossing your plants and substrate in the trash. Anything else would have
to be bleached. An ugly task all the way around.

Best to remove them to other quarters to watch for any developments.

[who realizes this is a f**h post but _did_ mention plants <G>]


Cavan wrote:

> After awhile, one started to
> look really skinny with a kinked spine.  I assumed it
> was a genetic goof until it happened to another one
> that was always a bit skinny.

>Carmen responds:

>Paraphrased from A Complete Introduction to Fish Diseases by Dr. Gottfried
Schubert, published by T.F.H. (1987):

>Kinked spines can be a symptom of fish/piscine turberculosis caused by a
mycobacterium as in man.