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Re: pale sword leaves

Due to the thickness of the leaf, probably, I have found one sword almost 
impervious to their (plec's) damage--the Red Flame. The older leaves get 
thinned out as do other swords, but the leaves seem more rigid and durable.  
Other than this, I've found they enjoy the taste of the leaves of swords 
immensely.  When they _do_ damage a leaf, the leaves can't really be 
described as pale, they become *holey*. It looks to me like it just got 
sucked too vigorously.

I am becoming convinced that any plec in a planted tank will do damage. They 
like green stuff, whether you bought it in a grocery store or not.


> > Tom Connors talked about some of his sword plant
>  > leaves being somewhat transparent.  We talked about
>  > this the day before at our club meeting, and I
>  > commented that I knew exactly what he was talking
>  > about, having seen it in my own tank.
>  When I read Tom's original post my first response was to wonder if he kept
>  plecos in the same tank.  It sounds like what happens when plecos get to a
>  sword plant.