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Thinking Vertical

George Booth wrote:

>  "Think vertical".

Just my opinion but I don't think Amazon Swords go well with Altums.  In
fact, I would say all Echinodoruses (is this the correct plural noun?)
are not suitable.  

This is because Altums are large Angelfish.  They need swimming space,
not just to grow but to stay healthy also.  Echinodoruses have large and
broad leaves which overlap each other making it impossible for an Altum
to swim among them.  

I used to have an Osiris and later a Red Rubin and the thing I noticed
is that the Altums almost never swim among the leaves of these plants. 
On the few occasions that they do which is usually because of a panic
attack, they can get themselves trapped between the leaves.

I would recommend Cryptocoryne Balansae or Retrospiralis.  If you are
thinking vertical, these 2 plants should suit you fine.  Unlike
Echinodoruses, they don't grow into huge bunches.  They propagate by
runners and there's always space between their leaves for Altums to

Another point which I forgot to bring up in my last post - if you are
planning to keep small fish which are surface swimmers together with
Altums, it's a bad idea.  Surface swimmers (like Zebra Danios, for
instance) by the fact that they are always in the open, are practically
dead fish the moment an Altum arrives in the tank.

Loh K L