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Re:biofiltration and low pH

Yes, I have read this is the case, but never actually seen it in practice. I 
now know for a fact that this is what happened. Do the bacteria become 
*dormant* or do they actually die off?  (From my observation, it _appears_ 
they died off, and the tank is starting from square 1, but this may not be 
the case). 

And to make matters worse, a (small) plec consumed most of the plant matter 
in there (watersprite of all things) leaving very little to filter the 
ammonia. Java moss apparently doesn't do much good there.


Roger responded to the following post:

> Describing a low-pH tank, Sylvia wrote:
>  > I was quite surprised to find ammonia & nitrites, approx. .5 ammonia, 
> about
>  > .1 nitrite. <snip>

>  I don't know if this is your problem or not, but bacterial activity is
>  pH-sensitive.  With a pH below 6 you shouldn't expect much bacterial
>  activity at all.