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Re: biofiltration and low pH

Describing a low-pH tank, Sylvia wrote:

> I was quite surprised to find ammonia & nitrites, approx. .5 ammonia, about
> .1 nitrite. 5 ppm nitrates--not surprised. pH was 6.0, possibly below. dKH 2,
> dGH 3-4,. I can't detect a pH lower than 6.0, due to test kit limitation. I'm
> assuming I did not have an ammonia and nitrite problem previously. I threw in
> a nitra-zorb filter media I had laying around. Next day, I'm still finding
> ammonia and nitrites.

I don't know if this is your problem or not, but bacterial activity is
pH-sensitive.  With a pH below 6 you shouldn't expect much bacterial
activity at all.

Roger Miller