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Re: NFC: Releasing Fish

To give you a practical example on human terms, remember from history
class when the first Europeans settled in the New World and wiped out
the natives in droves simply by bringing European diseases with them? 
The diseases that tropical fish carry (but aren't necessarily suffering
from) could be like AIDS or the bubonic plague to a population of fish
that has never come into contact with it before.

Wright Huntley wrote:
> Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> >
> > What about fish that have been caught from a lake? See anything wrong with
> > re-releasing it?
> I hate to be a wet blanket, but yes.
> If the specimen(s) have been out for any length of time, and exposed to
> other aquarium species/individuals, you may not have an entirely accurate
> picture of whatever pathogens they may now be carrying. Reintroducing, under
> those conditions should not be done without a powerfully good reason for it,
> and fair certainty that *no* new diseases or parasites can possibly be
> introduced with them.
> It is far safer to euthanize them, than risk an entire body of water and its
> inhabitants. I know it doesn't *seem* kind, but on average it really is.
> That's my $0.00031 (two-cents, with inflation adjustment).
> Wright
> PS. All rules have exceptions, and this one probably does, too. ;-)
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