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Re: NFC: Releasing Fish

Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> What about fish that have been caught from a lake? See anything wrong with
> re-releasing it?

I hate to be a wet blanket, but yes. 

If the specimen(s) have been out for any length of time, and exposed to
other aquarium species/individuals, you may not have an entirely accurate
picture of whatever pathogens they may now be carrying. Reintroducing, under
those conditions should not be done without a powerfully good reason for it,
and fair certainty that *no* new diseases or parasites can possibly be
introduced with them.

It is far safer to euthanize them, than risk an entire body of water and its
inhabitants. I know it doesn't *seem* kind, but on average it really is.

That's my $0.00031 (two-cents, with inflation adjustment).


PS. All rules have exceptions, and this one probably does, too. ;-)

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