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NFC: [Fwd: S.Florida samples of Cyprinodon variegatus needed]

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Subject: S.Florida samples of Cyprinodon variegatus needed
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 13:38:19 -0500
From: "Bruce  J. Turner" <fishgen at vt_edu>
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Our laboratory needs some alcohol-fixed samples of C. variegatus from the
coast of Florida roughly between Tampa Bay and  Vero Beach, including  the
Miami area all keys except Key West.

We have good collections from Key West and the Vero Beach area, and several
from  Tampa Bay, but lack anything coastwise inbetween these.  Our surveys
of DNA variation within the species have established a clear cut "gulf"
lineage (samples from Tampico to Tampa Bay) and a less well defined but
recognizable "SE" lineage from North Carolina to about Jacksonville
(analysis of Vero Beach samples is pending), but we have not yet been able
to "close the gap" between them so as to study the nature of any hybrid
zone that might be present.  We request the assistance of native killifish
enthusiasts to help us do this.

(Note: there is also a well defined northern lineage, from VA to MA,
roughly coincident with C. v. "ovinus" of the literature, but that is not
at issue here).

At this point, our emphasis is on surveying as many localities as possible,
with just a few specimens (no more than about 5) per locality.  Specimens
can be simply dropped into drugstore alcohol, gin, vodka, rum etc. and
mailed to us in a well sealed plastic soda bottle or even a double layer of
ziploc bags---we'll do the rest!  Obviously, we need very good locality
data with each collection.

We would be grateful for any help folks could give us!  With best wishes
for the season---Bruce Turner

Bruce J. Turner
Dept. Biology
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0406
(540)-231-7444 (V)
(540)-231-9307 (F)
fishgen at vt_edu
Rivulus marmoratus webpage: http://www.bsi.vt.edu/rivmar/

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