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Re: NFC: nativefish.org web site critique [LONG!!]

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999 07:52:31 -0400, Chris Hedemark wrote:
> Not being critical of Joe T's work at all!  I just don't know if it is
> the best type of graphic for this page.

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply any criticism of Joe T's work, just saying
that the pic is a real eye catcher. It's vibrance really helps illustrate
the beauty of some natives. 

Why? I thought there already was a link.

> Well if I can twist my wife's arm into holding a camera and leaving the
> collecting to the kids & me this weekend, I should have some pictures to
> contribute to this.

Wow! Your wife likes to collect? It took me 2 years to convince my
girlfriend to go outside, brave the various insects, and hold a fishing
pole. An hour later, she finally managed to get the jig in the water, and
wouldn't ya' know, she hooked a 2' pike and brought it in (on an ultralight
setup with 2 lb test no less)! I was speechless.

> Actually the need for this came out of a very productive chat.  While we
> "aint no University or fortune 500 corporation", we do need to look
> professional and well-organized when dealing with the state governments
> to get permits, dealing with the press, etc.  In order to get our
> message "out there" we first need to be taken seriously.  This is just
> basically a way to organize ourselves to present a unified front and
> show that we're quite serious about the conservation issues.

Ahhh...and I thought you meant developing a format for letters between
members. I think any document representing the NFC should pass by one of the
officers first, before being sent outside the organization. They should be
able to determine whether it's appropriate or not, and instruct the author
of any changes/corrections that need to be made.


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