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Re: NFC: nativefish.org web site critique [LONG!!]

Anthony Andrew wrote:

> It would be nice to be updated periodically on any progress made by the
> diligent members of the BP, even if it's just something like, "Joe Blow
> induced his *Pisces nativus* to spawn this month, but was unable to raise
> the fry past 1 week." Such info would be ideal for a regular reporting of
> NFC news.

I agree!

> > Native Aquarists
> > If I were to change anything I would yank the darter
> > illustration and replace with a photograph, perhaps of a native
> > community aquarium.
> I say keep the darter. Joe T. did an awsome job (as usual).
> A native community tank would make an ideal addition though.

Not being critical of Joe T's work at all!  I just don't know if it is
the best type of graphic for this page.

> > Quote from the page: "So we put up this homepage to help people learn
> > how to catch, id and keep
> > local fishes."  I don't think we're meeting any of those objectives
> > yet.
> There's lots of good ol' info in the articles archive. The gallery certainly
> helps with the IDs, and the message lists provide a broad network of
> knowledge and experience. I've certainly learned a lot from this web site.

This is true, to some extent.

We can probably do a lot here in terms of getting people started with
the articles we've already got.  Maybe link directly to them from the
Native Aquarists section as a good place to start.

The photo gallery is unfortunately not enough when it comes to
identifying fish.  One great thing in peterson's field guide that I
think we can make use of is that they point to key markings on a fish to
help identify it from conspecifics.

So maybe we already have a lot of the resources, but need to point to
them in a way that steers a beginner to get a good head start in

> I wrote the Adopt-A-Tank Program as a project in my technical writing class.
> My grade took a hit for not providing any diagrams or other visuals. Your
> picture ideas would be great in conveying the program's purpose.

Well if I can twist my wife's arm into holding a camera and leaving the
collecting to the kids & me this weekend, I should have some pictures to
contribute to this.
> The ol' grade took a hit for that too (even though I had little to do with
> the textual formatting on the web page- I had a ruthless prof). An outline
> of the AATP's content at the beginning, with quick links to each section
> would be better than just throwing up the document in its entirety. However,
> doing so is completely up to whoever has the time and inclination to do so.

I'm willing to help with a lot of the formatting stuff that I am
mentioning here, but before making changes to the hard work that's
already been done I think it's important to get a sense for the thoughts
of other members.  Hence the long critique. :-)

> I think most AATP projects are down for the summer. More should be available
> as this year progresses.

I *may* have one starting in the fall at a private school.  Will update
y'all as it comes nearer time for this.

> Whoah! I think yer expecting a bit too much there. This aint no University
> or fortune 500 corporation.  :-)

Actually the need for this came out of a very productive chat.  While we
"aint no University or fortune 500 corporation", we do need to look
professional and well-organized when dealing with the state governments
to get permits, dealing with the press, etc.  In order to get our
message "out there" we first need to be taken seriously.  This is just
basically a way to organize ourselves to present a unified front and
show that we're quite serious about the conservation issues.

Thanks for your commentary, I know there was a lot there to go through


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