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Re: NFC: nativefish.org web site critique [LONG!!]

Anthony Andrew wrote:

> Wow! Your wife likes to collect? 

Put it this way, we met as teenagers working together at the same LFS. 
She is a bio major and we have often talked about opening our own LFS
when she gets out of school.

While she never really has any time to collect, she always gets upset
when she hears I went without her.  She is going with me saturday and
when I suggested she stay on shore and snap photos she got upset and
said she'd rather dipnet for darters in the riffles while we're seining
the deeper water.

> It took me 2 years to convince my
> girlfriend to go outside, brave the various insects, and hold a fishing
> pole. 

The insects don't bother any body parts that are submerged!!!

> An hour later, she finally managed to get the jig in the water, and
> wouldn't ya' know, she hooked a 2' pike and brought it in (on an ultralight
> setup with 2 lb test no less)! I was speechless.

My wife didn't take to hook & line.  She had fun but not enough to want
to do it again.  But the one time I took her collecting with the dipnet
she had a ball.  Especially when she caught our one "shield" darter (ID
in dispute right now)

> Ahhh...and I thought you meant developing a format for letters between
> members. 

OH NO!  Nothing like that!  This is a format for formal communication
external to the NFC, like when talking to public aquaria and such about
donating fish, or asking for a grant from someone, etc.

> I think any document representing the NFC should pass by one of the
> officers first, before being sent outside the organization. 

Not a bad idea but given our current "to do list" combined with the low
volunteer count, how much is this going to slow us down?

I don't want to speak for RR, but the impression I've gotten after many
chats about public outreach is that he's going to be more hands-off
about this as long as we are good ambassadors.  Correct me if I'm wrong,

> They should be
> able to determine whether it's appropriate or not, and instruct the author
> of any changes/corrections that need to be made.

Generally something like this in a non-profit organization would fall
under the pervue of the office of Corresponding Secretary, which is an
office that to my knowledge we don't currently have.  The corresponding
secretary is usually responsible for communicating with external people
or at least signing off on letters before they go out.  In the absence
of such an office, the next best thing is to have a document that shows
a unified front in the absence of a single person that handles

But you raise a good point;  as part of this document I need to ask the
powers that be if I need to include provisions for a review process by
the officers before allowing letters to go out.  Officers?


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