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Tony: I know at one point that we were considering a discussion list 
specifically concerning predatory fish, but it seems that this was not 
implemented for some reason. You might want to contact Robert Rice, NFC 
President, (lepomis at msn_com) and suggest that we implement a predator 
list, although the level of discussion on predators seems somewhat 
limited and tends to focus on bowfin, gar and pickerel.

Alternatively, feel free to post questions about pickerel and other 
predatory fish to the general list.  Joining the list gives you access 
to a lot of discussion topics and issues related to predators come up 
occasionally.  If you haven't joined the list, you can do so from the 
NFC website (http://nativefish.interspeed.net/).  Once you get to the 
homepage, click on the "Email List" button on the left of the screen, 
and follow the instructions.  Please also consider joining the NFC, 
which allows you to participate in our conservation work and to take 
advantage of a variety of NFC programs, including the Breeder's Program, 
Exotics Removal Program, online auctions, activities, etc.  NFC members 
get all of this, and a bimonthly newsletter, for only ten bucks a year.  
You can print out a membership application from the NFC homepage by 
clicking on the "Join Us!" button.  

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>Mr. Moody,
>I have recently joined the NFC (I received a copy of the FLIER
>newsletter today and am taking that as a sign that my application has
>been approved), and am looking forward to being an active member. 
>However, in a message you sent me earlier this month about pickerel, 
>mentioned the existence of a predator discussion list. I have looked 
>it on the web but have been unsuccesful in locating it. Is it an actual
>list, or are you refering to postings on the NFC mailing list? Thank 
>for your time.
>Anthony Gustafson

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