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Could I talk you into a lil esox Article Dave ? 

On Wed, 13 Jan 1999 19:45:54 -0500 Dave Littlehale <littled at cris_com>
>> 1. What are the best aquarium conditions to maintain for ESOX 
>I've found chain pickerel generally pretty easy to keep.  I've had 
>with redfins though.  This year I caught a chain pickerel about 1 
>First food was adult artemia which it took readily.  Next, I had a 
>supply of mosquito larvae which it also quickly munched on.  Once it 
>ate the
>larvae, I fed frozen mysid or euphasid shrimp.  Again, it ate them 
>like a
>champ.  I've been home free since.
>When they are small, they are like any other fish of that size.  Once 
>get bigger, then you will run into problems with increasing size of 
>tank and
>food.  I think it has already been mentioned, but most of us know they 
>ambush predators and don't swim all that much.  But a large horizontal 
>should be available as the length increases.  I've found them to be 
>and jumpers so make sure the tank is covered all the time.
>Water parameters are variable.  I collect mine from the Pine Barrens 
>in NJ,
>so the water is soft and acidic.  I keep them at pH of 6.5 and 
><50ppm.  They are found in neutral to slightly alkaline waters as well 
>so if
>you can maintain a steady pH <8 you should be fine.
>As far as water movement goes, I don't do anything extra as mine are
>collected in quiet water with plenty of plant cover usually 
>Especially if you are collecting young of the year, they will always 
>associated with plants so elodea, cabomba, or any other floating plant 
>be greatly appreciated.
>These have been my observations; others may be different.  If you have 
>further questions, please ask.
>Good luck

Robert Rice
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