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Re: NFC: sailfin mollies

In short, all of these are essentially mongrels, i.e., a domestic 
variety created by interbreeding two or more species of closely related 
fish, which may or may not have offspring that look like the parents.

Local fish stores should either have these fish in stock or can get them 
for you.  Alternatively, check out Anchor Bay Aquarium 
(http://www.anchorbayaquarium.com/) and its Hotlist of Tropical Fish, 
which lists several of the varieties you seek, along with rainbowfish, 
brackish water species, dwarf cichlids, etc.,at reasonable prices.  A 
great place to check for those with a penchant for uncommon tropical 
fish not available in their area.  Other sources of freshwater tropical 
fish may be found in links section of Fish Link Central 

Personally, I find the wild varieties of sailfin mollies (P. latipinna, 
a US native; P. velifera, from the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico) to be 
much preferable to the domesticated forms. 

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>any one know the differences in sailfin 
>red. i'm looking for what we used to call red s/f mollies. they were 
>yellow tint of red, black tail &dorsal.with very little black spots on 
>i'm looking for some with possibly no spots,about 1 or2 bags full.if 
any me
>has infomation please cont. me at quinccc@aol .com or use this list
>	                                       thanks ralph 

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