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Tony: suggest that the best aquarium for grass or redfin pickerel would 
be a long display tank, at least 30 gallons and preferably more, which 
is well planted and has some rocks for structure to give the pickerel 
hideout spots where they can ambush minnows.  Due to their long, 
streamlined shape and hunting style, they need lots of room and swimming 
space.  Suggest a power filter to provide water movement and filtration, 
also suggest stocking with crayfish, if there are sufficient hideouts 
for them.  Not only will they clean up after the pickerel, they will 
also be an occasional snack for pickerel, which regularly eat small 

Hope to see you join the NFC - we have a predator discussion list which 
I think you would be interested in.  We are gearing up to do basic 
reseach on a number of fish species, including redfin pickerel.  If you 
would like to be a part of our Breeder's Program and work with redfin 
pickerel or other esox species, contact Bill Duzen, the NFC Breeder's 
Program Administrator (Theduuz at aol_com).  In order to participate in 
this program, you will need to become a member of the NFC.

One of the scientific collection permits which I expect to be issued 
shortly includes provisions for me to send redfin pickerel to Mr. Duzen 
for the NFC Breeder's Program.   Perhaps you can make arrangements with 
him to receive some redfin or other pickerel from him.  Also, let me 
know if you want to be listed on any scientific collection permits after 
you join the NFC.

In reference to you last few questions, the NFC is growing rapidly at 
the present time, however, regional chapters have not be established 
These chapters may be established in the near future, once an area 
develops a membership base sufficient to do so.  Even without a regional 
chapter, the various discussion lists provide lots of opportunity to 
interact with NFC members and converse about issues of relevance to your 
areas of interest.  Please consider joining !

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>Please reply to tony and the list
>Robert Rice
>Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the NFC
>email us at NFC at actwin_com or  Sunfishtalk at listbot_com
>website  http://nativefish.interspeed.net/
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>I just happened to stumble across the NFC web site, and what a
>coincidence it was. After 7 years of not being able to keep an aquarium
>(it's impossible to do when you live in a Marine Corps barracks), I 
>finally just obtained a new tank. It's a 37 tall, and I've been kicking
>around the idea of waiting until spring to collect some natives. 
>is, after 7 years my impatience is at its peak!
>Being the large fan of ESOX species that I am, your postings on the NFC
>bulletin board caught my attention right away. I saw your postings for
>fish orders, and was wondering (if you still do so) when you will most
>likely have small red-fin pickerel available. I expect it won't be 
>the March/April period. I expect they would ultimately outgrow the 
>Fortunately, there is a sizable pond owned by the apartment complex
>where I now live for the tenants to stock and fish. It currently has
>everything from assorted sunfish to muskies!
>If you have some spare time, I would appreciate you answering any of 
>following questions in addition to the one about pickerel availability:
>1. What are the best aquarium conditions to maintain for ESOX species?
>2. Are you aware of anybody that can supply me with grass or chain
>3. How active is the NFC currently, and if you know; especially in the
>Northern Illinois region?
>I am very interested in joining the NFC. I would like to hear any
>"inside info" you have about it. Thank you for your time.
>Tony Gustafson

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