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NFC: RE: NFC "sanctions" and our detractors...

D. Martin Moore said:
> Our detractors (few though they are) would point out that THEIR 
> organisation would never condone such an activity, and I have 
> heard it mentioned that a since at least one of the NFC's members 
> was selling wild-caught natives (legally, of course), they doubted 
> our sincerity.  Sour grapes?  Perhaps.  I'm being somewhat 
> abstract here because we don't need to relive certain 
> unpleasantries.

These comments are misleading and non-representative of NANFA's goals or
discussions.  Phrases like "detractors" and "doubted our sincerity" can only
serve to accomplish what you claim you want to avoid.   I'm also in NANFA
and have been on their discussion lists and involved in their operations for
over two years.  I am saying publicly that they don't discuss NFC or the
operating affairs of any other club or organization.  There are other NFC
members who are on the NANFA email lists who can verify what I just said.
If a particular NANFA or NFC or Audubon Society member has an opinion on
that topic or any other, remember-- opinions are like ***holes-- everyone's
got one :-).  Martin, if you believe any particular NFC policy is wrong, you
should state that as your personal opinion.  "Being somewhat abstract" as
you did above can only serve to revive "unpleasantries" or create new ones.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA