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Re: NFC: Shovelnose Sturgeon (fwd)

Well put, David.  Lee Finley constantly stresses these issues when he 
gives talks to aquarium clubs on catfish issues and actively encourages 
aquarists to learn about the fish and its needs before making a 

I remember going to a large aquarium store in Springfield, MA, which 
unfortunately is no longer in business, which had a huge tank (several 
thousand gallons) that contained some full grown red-tailed catfish, 
pacu and shovelnose catfish and other BIG fish commonly sold as pets for 
small aquaria.  The tank also had a sign which informed people that 
cared to read it why the store didn't sell the juvenile versions, which 
was because it was irresponsible to do so unless the aquarist had a 
similar sized tank to maintain the adult fish.  Great teaching tool - I 
was shocked to later find that other pet stores seemed to have few 
ethical problems with selling these fish.

It is too bad that the majority of pet stores don't provide "truth in 
advertising" labels that indicate the aggression level, water quality 
needs and adult size of the fish. I think it would prevent a lot of 
unnecessary stress and death of fish which people buy to 
color-coordinate with the drapes, with no thought of the needs of the 
fish.  In my experience, a good aquarist is an informed aquarist who 
understands his or her responsibility to provide a proper environment 
and care for the fish in their tanks. 

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>>Pangacius sharks are 1 meter at adulthood, millions of them are kept 
in home
>>aquariums each year. I have to agree a very large tank should be used 
>>any fish that grows to large size. But large numbers of very large 
fish are
>>kept in the pet trade, arowannas come to mind as do the large knife 
> Mi
>It would be better put:
>Pangacius sharks are 1 meter at adulthood, millions of them languish 
>die in home
>aquariums each year. I've seen thousands of juveniles for every
>semi-adult--almost none make it.
>Hundreds of redtail cats are also sold each year, so there should be, 
>now, thousands of four-foot cats in home aquaria. There ain't. Some
>aquarists are equipped and willing to care for such beasts (many of 
>will consume as much or more as another family member), but the vast
>majority are not. Indoor ponds are expensive to build, even more 
>to filter and heat.
>David E. Boruchowitz
>Editor, TFH Magazine
>editor at tfh_com

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