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Re: Dream tanks

I have a 135 gallon tank in a wall. The back of the tank is open to my
fishroom. I think you would be better off with working from behind (if you
have enough room). Working through a small slot above the tank can be
problem. If you are concerned about looking from the top, you can use a dark
cardboard on the back of the tank which can easily be removed if needed.

Mark Barnett
Fish Link Central

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Date: Thursday, October 22, 1998 2:01 AM
Subject: RE: Dream tanks

>> Now I have a question. With the plan we are looking at I have the
>> option of
>> building the tank into a closet. While this would look good and
>> make hiding
>> plumbing many times easier I wonder if having to walk around to feed the
>> fish and just play and get my hands wet wouldn't get old. Also I
>> would need
>> a background on the back so you would not look through it into the
>> Working on the tank or trying to catch fish you would always be
>> looking down
>> instead of through the glass. Any thoughts?
>  One of my business's specialties, is creating space in existing walls to
>accommodate aquariums. May I suggest you enclose the back as well-(you can
>always apply a background to it). Then from the front, Go 6" above the tank
>opening and create another opening the same length as the original tank
>opening. This access opening can then be concealed with a framed fish pic,
>possibly relevant to the fish in the tank, Hinged on one side, with a
>magnetic catch. Make upper opening large enough to service (you can make it
>relatively small, if you use a python changer) and to retrieve fish. Create
>framing within to cradle lighting.
>  Let me know if I can be of further help....
> Mark A. Martino
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