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Re: Empty ecoclogical niches

damn...... hit the wrong button again, hate when that happens   : P
anyway is there a reason filling this empty niche is important or imperative?
So far I am not aware of a single exotic fish introduction that has not gone
wrong in some way, even when done by the supposed authorities. How could this
even be a concideration by anyone in a conservation frame of mind.
Conserve and protect our heritage in North American Native Fish is our primary
goal. How is this achievable by the introduction of an exotic? Tilapia were
introduced to the waters in florida in an attempt to control exotic aquatic
vegitation. We now know that Tilapia are omnivores, though their main diet
seems to be algea and zoaplankton. I recently have witnessed them schooling in
the hundreds in the Glades, how long before they severly impact such natives
as American Flagfish, if not already.
IMHO there are only 2 valid uses of exotic fish in this or any country, as
aquarium pets and food.
Daryl Roche
Exotic Removal Program
Administrator, NFC