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RE: Dream tanks

> Now I have a question. With the plan we are looking at I have the
> option of
> building the tank into a closet. While this would look good and
> make hiding
> plumbing many times easier I wonder if having to walk around to feed the
> fish and just play and get my hands wet wouldn't get old. Also I
> would need
> a background on the back so you would not look through it into the closet.
> Working on the tank or trying to catch fish you would always be
> looking down
> instead of through the glass. Any thoughts?

  One of my business's specialties, is creating space in existing walls to
accommodate aquariums. May I suggest you enclose the back as well-(you can
always apply a background to it). Then from the front, Go 6" above the tank
opening and create another opening the same length as the original tank
opening. This access opening can then be concealed with a framed fish pic,
possibly relevant to the fish in the tank, Hinged on one side, with a
magnetic catch. Make upper opening large enough to service (you can make it
relatively small, if you use a python changer) and to retrieve fish. Create
framing within to cradle lighting.

  Let me know if I can be of further help....

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Property Enhancement Service
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