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Dream tanks

On the subject of Dream Tanks I still plan to build mine as soon as I sell
this house and get my new one built. My dream tank will be in my living room
and somewhere around 8 foot long and 24" wide and 24-28 deep. This is close
to 250 gallons. Plans are to pump water in one end and out the other. Sort
of a river tank.

Casper suggested and I liked the idea of making the pump input end where
current would be strongest, a gravel bottom and place large river rocks. To
sort of look like a stream bottom. Then gradually work in to plants and more
of a pool on the other end. With a overflow gravity return current should be
much lower on that end.

Now I have a question. With the plan we are looking at I have the option of
building the tank into a closet. While this would look good and make hiding
plumbing many times easier I wonder if having to walk around to feed the
fish and just play and get my hands wet wouldn't get old. Also I would need
a background on the back so you would not look through it into the closet.
Working on the tank or trying to catch fish you would always be looking down
instead of through the glass. Any thoughts?

Yes I could probably put a door over the front of the tank but if I were to
do that then I would prefer to just build a cabinet with a top and place it
in the room. Then I could move it or take it with me then.