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Re: Empty ecoclogical niches

Since you missed all the controversy on the NANFA list, here it is in 
a nutshell, in the words of Justin "W":  "so what?"

His words, not mine :-)

> damn...... hit the wrong button again, hate when that happens   : P
> anyway is there a reason filling this empty niche is important or imperative?
> So far I am not aware of a single exotic fish introduction that has not gone
> wrong in some way, even when done by the supposed authorities. How could this
> even be a concideration by anyone in a conservation frame of mind.
> Conserve and protect our heritage in North American Native Fish is our primary
> goal. How is this achievable by the introduction of an exotic? Tilapia were
> introduced to the waters in florida in an attempt to control exotic aquatic
> vegitation. We now know that Tilapia are omnivores, though their main diet
> seems to be algea and zoaplankton. I recently have witnessed them schooling in
> the hundreds in the Glades, how long before they severly impact such natives
> as American Flagfish, if not already.
> IMHO there are only 2 valid uses of exotic fish in this or any country, as
> aquarium pets and food.
> END RAVE   : P
> Daryl Roche
> Exotic Removal Program
> Administrator, NFC


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