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Re: Collection/study question

Might be a good topic for tonite's chat !   :  )

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From: Scott Doe <scottdoe at hotmail_com>
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Date: Saturday, September 26, 1998 11:00 PM
Subject: Collection/study question

>I have found a small creek (well more like a ditch) near by that I would
>like to gain a fairly reliable species inventory from. I have done this
>sort of thing with salamanders in a seminar on herpetology, but how
>would one gain a reliable result? Would I need to sample the entire
>length or is there a standard for what fraction I should cover?
>Also I would like a good key, the Peterson's was fair for salamanders,
>how is it for fish? What sampling methods are recommended, should I trap
>and net? What sort of netting techniques work best? I realize these are
>not short-answer type questions, but I feel a discussion of this sort
>would greatly aid those of us new to this sort of thing (collection).
>Thanks in advance,
>Scott McLaughlin
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