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Re: Collection/study question

   I'm not a scientific collector, so my method may not be right:
1. if legal in your state, and the stream is small enough, span
downstream from every possible sight, that is a different type, example 
headwater , a back pool, shallow riffle, deep riffle, deep pool, long
run, etc.  You would need help with this from a couple of buddies.   They
would start upstream from the net and walk and thrash around toward the
net as you and somebody else held it.  This would be a good way to sample
alot of fish in any stream that was small enough.  With this many people
you can hold the net in the water as fish were counted  and identified, 
the ones that were trouble to identify could be taken in clear containers
to shore for a closer look.
  In my estimation Petersons field guide to Freshwater fish is the best
comprehensive field guide you can get.  There are alot of real nice ones
out there, but they aren't as easy to use, and usually don't have enough
pictures.  If your state  has a "Fishes of" book, like Wisconsin or
Tennessee for example, that would be your best guide.

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