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Re: Collection/study question

Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are just looking 
for a species inventory, methods will differ from those used for a 
comprehensive survey/population assessment.  I assume that you do not 
have access to an electroshocker, so seining/dipnetting/minnow traps are 
probably your best bet.  An inventory can be done by sampling various 
areas (riffles, pools, weedy areas, etc.) and noting the species and 
percentage composition of the captured fishes found in each habitat. To 
get a truly representative sample, plan to do sampling both in the 
daytime and at night, as many nocturnal species (madtoms, etc.) are 
unavailable during the day.

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>I have found a small creek (well more like a ditch) near by that I 
>like to gain a fairly reliable species inventory from. I have done this 
>sort of thing with salamanders in a seminar on herpetology, but how 
>would one gain a reliable result? Would I need to sample the entire 
>length or is there a standard for what fraction I should cover?
>Also I would like a good key, the Peterson's was fair for salamanders, 
>how is it for fish? What sampling methods are recommended, should I 
>and net? What sort of netting techniques work best? I realize these are 
>not short-answer type questions, but I feel a discussion of this sort 
>would greatly aid those of us new to this sort of thing (collection).
>Thanks in advance,
>Scott McLaughlin
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