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Posting the NFC Digest

Hi all,

	As discussed on the NFC list, Martin Moore has been posting the
NFC digest on the newsgroups. This probably has helped increase NFC
awareness in the internet community (NFC members > 400, per Robert Rice)

	This, unfortunately, has had some side effects. My current load of
spam (unsolicited commercial email) has increased. I write to NFC without
falsifying my return email address. I suspect that this increase is
because my email address is being posted on the newsgroups as is. 

	I suggest that the email addresses in the digest be changed a bit
(obfuscated). I can write a short program that will obfuscate any email
addresses in the NFC digest. Once the digest has been subject to
obfuscation, it can be posted on the newsgroups without concern. 

	If this is all right with everybody, Martin and I could take this
off-list and hash out the details. This can also be discussed in the NFC
chat tonight at 8:00 CDT. I am already in front of the 'puter and don't
have any other plans :)

Sajjad Lateef  ~ <;))>< ~~  ~~    <http://www.eecs.uic.edu/~slateef/>
sajjad at acm_org ~~  ~~  <;))><     ICQ# 13114451