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Re: E P Sunfish

Feel free to cross-post to the NANFA list if you need to reach a wider 
audience, however, keep in mind that aquarium breeding and maintenance 
of fish is an essential part of NFC activities. While there is a wealth 
of information available from past editions of the American Currents and 
insights of NANFA members, there is still a lot of areas concerning 
native fish where there is little, if any, information about successful 
strategies for capturing, maintaining and spawning native fish and 
raising fry.  At this point, almost anyone can make a contribution that 
expands our knowledge base, which is essential to the implementation of 
NFC programs.  For instance, I know of several species of tropicals that 
have significantly different behavior patterns in response to various 
environmental factors, where in one set of circumstances, the fish may 
be bubble-nesters or substrate spawners, while in another instance, they 
become mouth-brooders.  It is important to share experiences and 
observations, even if you think it has already been done - the "already 
spawned" species with 25 eggs with  5% fry survival at pH 7.2 using 
brine shrimp as food is good information, but an account of  different 
pair that produce 200 eggs at pH 6.5 with 80% survival using rotifers, 
microworms and sifted daphnia as fry foods is better. 

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>Thanks for the vote of confidence regarding an article, I've definately
>got a couple of ideas along that line rattling around in my head but 
>also curious as to other members experiences with the Everglades Pygmy
>Sunfish. There must be other people out there that are raising and
>trying or are breeding them. I've been struck by the high degree of
>aggressiveness of the males and wonder if 2 males can be kept in a 5
>gallon tank safely. Will the males pester the females to death? Has
>anyone had this happen ? And what about the actual spwning behavior
>and/or location is it a cleared spot or in vegetation? I would think
>that this would be fertile ground for comments and observation from the
>various NFC members. How about how many NFC members are actually 
>Everglades Pygmy Sunfish?
>Maybe this is a topic more appropriate for NANFA if indeed it is a
>differant discussion group. I'm still confused about the two (not how
>the two groups differ philosophically) but maybe there is another list
>server that I'm not currently recieving. I find the NFC discussion
>interesting and the NFC goals admireable but I'm also interested in the
>fish as aquarium pets and would like to discuss their behavior and such
>with others. And I know that behavioral observations can be valuable to
>the care and preservation of a species in the wild
>Chris Darrow

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