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extinct in wild fishes

G'day Fishheads

Here is a brief summation of some Mexican fishes that are in dire straits.
Extinct means just that, completely no longer alive.  Extinct in the wild
means they are being kept in captivity.

As Jaun Miguel Artigas stated;

In that area in Nuevo Leon now six Cyprinodon species are extinct: 
Cyprinodon inmemoriam - extinct
C. ceciliae - extinct
C. longidorsalis - extinct in the wild
C. veronicae - extinct in the wild
C.alvarezi - extinct in the wild
Megupsilum aporus - extinct in the wild

Several other pupfishes live in very restricted environments which also makes
them highly vulnerable to extinction.  Little upto date information is
available on their status.  

My friend Shane Webb who is working on the systematics and biogeography of
goodeids just passed on the following information.

Allotoca maculata and Characodon garmani are listed as extinct by Miller
et al., 1989 (Fisheries 14(6)).

Skiffia francesae and Zoogoneticus tequila are extirpated in the wild, but
kept by aquarists in North America and Europe.

A number of other species aren't doing too well...see Williams et al.,
1989 (Fisheries 14(6)); Lyons et al., 1998 (Fisheries, 23(4)); and the
1991 Secretaria de Desarrollo Urbano y Ecologia publication.

More extensive sampling may reveal the extinction/endangerment of other
localized endemics, particularly of the genera Allotoca and

I know there are some endangered poeciliids that are being kept in captivity
like Xiphophorus couchianus, but I don't know of any that are actually extinct
_yet_.  I don't have any clue on the cichlids, but some of that info is in the
Aquatic Conservation Network's newsletter, Aquatic Survival.  They are a good
group if you have never checked them out.  www.acn.ca  I'll see if I can find
out more info on Mexican fishes from my friend at Monteray.

Peter Unmack