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Re: fish

I haven't seen any of the fish you described in my area, I generally collect
in a small area (my county) all of the habitats here are acidic.  I have been
collecting here for about 25 years so the fish you mentioned must be rare in
my area.  I do collect pirate perches and sleeper gobies, I had more than a
dozen sleeper gobies but they all died within three days of fungus, they were
caught in a trap, I usually catch fish with a seine but it was damaged beyond
repair last time I used it and I haven't been able to replace it as of yet.  I
do use long handed dip nets and have good luck with them.  I have maybe 12-15
of the dark gambusia, three or four might be females, at least they don't have
the large penis the other males have. I'll try to include a few blue spotted
sunfish also, I'll probably send them out on monday,