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Re: Tank repair

Hey Jeff,

	Here are some useful urls concerning plastic parts fabrication and


For a repairs using heavy duty fiberglass tape and resins, try these:

Additionally, the following url using the word plastic as the search
phrase will turn up some possibly useful responses:


Concerning what GE says in regards to using silicone to "glue" the
structural members of aquariums: look at the following url in the
section "Can I use silicone sealants underwater?"


Hope some of these urls turn up something you can use.


kudzu wrote:
> >I have a 60 gallon that I am trying to repair for a friend. The
> >plastic frame on the top is not one piece. It has mitered corners (cut
> >at 45 degrees and joined) and one of these joints has failed.
> >
> >So far epoxied has failed to hold joint and gluing in a piece of glass
> >from the front of the frame to the back of the frame failed. I am out
> >of ideas and need some help.  I dot no the manufacturer or I would try
> >to get a new frame. Anyone ever actually repaired one? Any good ideas?
> >Anyone know what they glue these joints with at the factory?
> >
> >Jeff <*\\><