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Re: fish

Yes, I have noticed problems with trap caught fish.  Depending on the 
fish species, what seems to be the problem is that nervous, active fish 
and some that are less so get extremely stressed from being confined in 
a trap for a long period, coupled with tissue damage from trying to 
escape and impacting the walls of the trap. Either the stress kills them 
or they get fungus, which kills somewhat later.

Best method is to capture with a seine or dip net and rapidly transfer 
(with wet hands or a small container used as a dipper) the fish to an 
aerated storage container with weeds so they can hide.  Works much 
better. If you must use a trap, only allow it to set for short periods.

BTW, ship when it is convenient on your end. I have some normal gambusia 
in transit but would not be adverse to a few more.  Especially 
interested in the mottled versions.

Assuming that they are in your area and legal to obtain, finding some 
Carolina pygmy sunfish would generate lots of interest by me and 
probably numerous others. My Peterson's field guide says that they are 
in heavily vegetated areas sloughs, creeks and ditches associated with 
the Waccamaw and Santee River drainage systems.  According to the field 
guide, there should be Everglades and Banded pygmy sunfish in these 
areas also, with these two preferring areas over mud. All are very 
attractive small fishes perfect for aquariums. You should also have 
blackbanded sunfish and banded sunfish.  Suspect that each species will 
be found in different habitats - the banded sunfish needs an acidic 
environment, for instance. 

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>Good news on the health front, I should be shipping to you next Monday.  
I had
>some problems with the sleeper gobies, I had two dozen all caught with 
a trap,
>they all died within 4 hours of each other today.  I have two I caught 
with a
>net, they are fine, but they are promised to someone already.  Have you 
>had problems with trap caught fish?  I think that at least 4 of the 
>gambusia are female, not bad out of about 11/2 dozen caught!  Do you 
>normal pigmented gambusia too?  I will be doing some more netting 
before I
>send to you so I might have more fish by the time I ship. 

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