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Re: Tank repair

>>The frame is not designed to hold the tank together<<

Then what is holding the tank together???? Silicone? NO WAY! Silicone
is to stretchy to hold a 24 inch tall tank together! To much pressure
on the glass.

If the frame doesn't have structural strength then why wont the
silicone alone hold the tank together? Why do manufacturers like
Oceanic brag about a one piece molded frame for strength? Why do they
even bother putting them on there?

Most of all why does this one keep coming apart when I glue the frame
AND silicone the glass? If silicone was enough then it shouldn't keep
spreading apart.

Sorry guys, my engineering background does not buy this at all!!
Silicone is way to flexible for glue a high pressure seam like that.

Jeff <*\\><
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