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Re: Tank repair

According to a chemist fellow here who used to work for Dow Chemical,
manufacturer of silicone sealants, the silicone is chemically similar to
glass - both contain silicon.  This allows the sealant to for a very strong
bond with the glass.  It is, however, necessary to have a layer of silicone
between the edges of the glass where they meet.  Just putting a bead in the
corner is not sufficient.  It also is necessay to remove any trace of the
old silicone and any other surface contaminants before applying the new
silicone.  Otherwise, that silicone/glass bond will not be formed.  New
silicone will not bond to old silicone in the same way.  This is also why
silicone should not be used on plastics such as plexiglass/acrylic.  It is
chemically different from glass and will not form the same, strong bond.
Use solvent adhesives for plastics.  Try model airplane glue on that frame,
but don't count on that to hold the tank together.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
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