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Re: Traing post........

  You read my mind, I was thinking along the same lines, though i hadn't
thought about a name change. I'll write up a bit of an intro/whatever and
send it on to the list in a few.  Gads I need a life. :)

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On Mon, 13 Jul 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> Josh,
> I don't know whats up with the tP lets start an electronic version here
> call it something a bit different say bulletin board so as not to confuse
> NANFA folks...........We have started fiddling with one for the flier but
> have not got it off the ground...........My only rules is it be open to
> anyone and include anything native fish/conservation related including
> jobs/ requests for collecting partners/fish/ supplies/ eggs/ plants no
> commercial ads  and NFC has no role in these ads except to print them as
> a public service .
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