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NFC-Discussion List (2)

Heya ll.
   Most of the people who replied seem to be in favour of creating another
list.  I got some 20 replies from about 15 or so people (A paltry ammount,
but..).  Of those, only two or three people seemed to be against the idea.
However, they made some very good points:

(Not neccessarily my opinions)

One: Subject lines tend to stay the same.  Hitting the 'D' key and hitting
the "The Button" do not have the same results, only one ends the world. :)
If a thread doesn't interest you, don't read it.
Two: These discussions tend to happen rapidly.  By the time they were
successfully moved over, they'd be more or less over.  
Three: It'll be difficult at best to move them over, only resulting in a
more difficult thread to follow.  
Fpur: People who want to follow a given discussion would have trouble
doing so if they have to subscribe to another list, and so forth.  Beond
that, it could make things more complicated.

This adds five more "cons"that I hadn't considered, leaving the only pros

Less mail for people who don't want it.
Less heated discussions.

So, although a second list sounds like a potentially good idea, it seems
like it may, in the long run, be more difficult than its worth.
Ideas never die, and this will stay under consideration.  Mind you, what
typically happens is a pattern of on and offs with this (and many other)
lists.  Things get hot and heavy for a while, then calm down.  Theres been
times when no messages were sent for months, and times (like now) when you
couldn't keep up.   
Arguements for or against may continue to be sent in my mailbox.  Some
servers, btw, may be treating it as case sensitive... Try
jwiegert at nexus_v-wave.com

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